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It's Now Easy to Run Your Mission-Critical SAP in Cloud

Build your SAP application on SIMNAA’s SAP certified practices which include – a deeper SAP know-how, expertise in SAP analysis and implementation, advanced technology. Get built-in scalability and flexibility to generate optimal response time for your application. If ever your hardware was to fail, our solution gives you the fault tolerance feature so that your app performs consistently.

Cost-Effective SAP

Normally, SAP is configured in a clustered environment which not only increases the cost but also creates problems at the time of administering and managing them. SIMNAA provides SAP solutions where we configure/setup your SAP on an auto-scaled, high availability virtualized environment which reduces the cost of set up and management of cluster.
- Small-to-medium scale enterprises get an opportunity to enter into SAP industry because with SIMNAA’s SAP managed hosting solution, there aren’t any high upfront investments

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Special Bots Maintaining High Uptime for Your SAP Application

For maintaining high uptime, we have your SAP hosted in a special technology environment. Special bots/ applications are installed on each hardware component. These bots are Autonomous agents which are further bifurcated into control agents and application agents. Collectively, they monitor the functionality of hardware as well as software to ensure high availability of the solution. The agents have special powers to intervene in case of a failure and make the required changes. A few intervention mechanisms used by Autonomous agents-

IP Network

It’s the back bone of your hosted SAP application. With SIMNAA’s solution, you get a dedicated internal network connection between server and storage, which not only communicates between servers and clients comprehensively but also provides IO blocks from the SAN to respective servers. For security reasons, no external traffic is allowed to go through the internal network. All the internal and external ports are connected through a 1Gbit / sec for all hardware components to handle high data traffic. The connection from NetWeaver application server to storage is connected at 10Gbit/sec.
- The infrastructure is also configured with different virtual LAN within the application with 2 switches to ensure performance and high availability.

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