Private Cloud Hosting

Security and Scalability for Your Applications with Our Dynamic Cloud Services
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Your Private Cloud

We give you a Private Cloud that's everything– scalable, secure, highly compliant, high compute and flexible.

We offers you an end-to-end Private Cloud Hosting Solution - extending Exuberant Support whenever you need, Robust Infrastructure to give you high performance and redundancy, built in high intelligent auto-scalability for you reducing CAPEX overheads significantly.

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Scalability for Your Dynamic & Critical Applications

Your dynamic web applications which may be eCommerce, Banking, SAP, etc. basically need a robust infrastructure capable of delivering high performance, consistently. Private Cloud gives you dual power - dedicated resources as well as auto-scalable resources, without having to invest in critical hardware infrastructure. iNtelligent scaling adds/ removes compute resources as per the ongoing needs.

Customize Security Standards

Get a complete suite of security services, which are highly customizable.

Our service's compatibility with multiple environments gives you a security solution which is designed according to you. You can define access policies and security controls as per your standards. Deploy multiple protection mechanisms against the Internet Threats.

Managed Virtual Environment

A Stack of enterprise grade hardware, goes into building a virtual environment for you. Our experienced cloud teams analyze and devise a virtual environment, that best suits your business and they are the dedicated teams who manage every detail, so that you're set free from any worries. Get what your business wants, through our service with endless possibilities.

Dedicated Support

Your enterprise gets the grade of high performance through dedicated support.

Our core service delivery teams stay focused on your cloud back-end to consistently provide you great computing experiences while maintaining high security.

Customize Your Cloud Infrastructure

We gives you high level of flexibility to match your requirement- select your hardware and software resources and get a robust back-end for each of the cloud flavors you select. You can choose to add load balancers, firewalls, any network devices, more private cloud storage or even remove them, according to your business needs and Get the Best-Match Private Cloud

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