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Mobile App Hosting

New Mobile OS's and devices are coming out fast, future-proof your App even faster. Get your apps running quicker with rapid-scaling technology and be able to grow faster in the smartphone market. Hosting mobile app over our platform helps you leverage whichever device and client-type most suitable to your target user.

Our High performance API infrastructure

You Build, We Host on App-Ready Architecture
Social media, sell-purchase, billing or an official app developed for business communication – build your app and let us upgrade and scale in our High availability architecture. A quick deploy, an instant upgrade and an endless monitoring is what your app gets with our Mobile App Hosting Service.
24x7 Performance Monitoring
Your Mobile Apps should stay online always and load quickly and for that, we're equipped. The entire 10GB/s network is monitored relentlessly by experts in our Network Operations Center (NOC), so that you run your favorite application seamlessly.
Pay only for what you use
Avoid extra cost. Our proven Pay-per-use technology helps you save considerably, as you pay only for the resources you actually use. In other situations, when you free up resources, we free you off the cost.

Let Your Developers Code a New Thing, With Complete Focus & Full Control
Want to develop a new app, go ahead, focus. Your developers can take control through full root/ admin control of the servers. Store, operate on languages like .NET and NodeJS, and more. Get a powerful and flexible backend.
Cloud (Enterprise, Private, Hybrid) You choose your platform, We Deploy and Manage
Cloud is for Scale. Get your mobile application up and running on a platform that you choose. Build a reliable, high speed yet highly secure backend on enterprise, private or hybrid cloud and for highly competent mobile applications.
Full Protection and Security
Get high end risk-mitigation for your mobile application and stay protected against DDoS attacks and any other threats. With Scan, you can enable a defense mechanism which offers advanced application level security and eliminate possibilities of a slowdown.

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