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Absolute Low-Cost Resiliency

Your online presence is business-critical. Your online assets, i.e. IT resources need to be protected in case a disaster strikes, because a few seconds lost online can cost you big numbers. There's an ultimate need for data duplication in a situation where you lose your mission-critical data. We give you everything- DR environment with plan, people, policy, equipment, process, technology and an Exuberant Support so that you're always data-protected.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service on Cloud

DRaaS on the eNlight Cloud gives you a single independent DR Site to act as back-up for your Multiple Datacenters across the globe.

Through a DRaaS on eNlight, you'd be able to remove the panic points. We've got the experience to move you to the DR carefully. Our customers tell us that SIMNAA deploys best-engineered technology for Disaster Recovery Management on Cloud, which offers them ultra resilient solution in the best costs.

Get on the Cloud for Disaster Recovery for high resiliency and an added low-cost advantage.

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Construct your DR Plan on Cloud

Our Exuberant DR Experts help you throughout your way of building a DRaaS Plan for your business type. Our experts-

. Understand Your DR Requirements

. Create a best-match DR Plan through suitable combination of resilient resources

. Configure, Deploy, Manage & Monitor Your DR Activity

. Back it up with 24*7*365 Exuberant Support

DR for Enterprises
A resilient DR architecture can help enterprises improve their business results, while operating on 100% Availability and a highly cost-effective solution
DR For Banks
Critical Banking Data needs a DR architecture which along with data mirroring, gives high security of the server and network.
Specifically created Cross Platform DR for complex dynamic data building core functionality for disaster tolerance and high availability.

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